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Focal Plant

THE FOCAL PLANT Close your eyes and breathe. 1. 2. Breathe. 1. 2. Do you smell the fresh trees? Do you feel the wind hitting your face? Do you hear the river streaming by? When I go hiking, I find a spot where I can see everything, the trees, people, the water. I stand there for a few minutes, so I

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The Story Behind GemsinLens

THE STORY BEHIND GEMSINLENS Why I believe Photos are Gems What is water to fish? What is an object to a lens? Objects are Gems of the lens. Period. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt that everything I can see with my eyes is some sort of treasure. And just as fisherman capture their fish with

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The Story Behind My Love For Photography

The Story Behind My Love For Photography When I took my first picture at age 15, I was inspired. Taking pictures at that time was not about capturing the perfect shot; it was about creating memories. I would make sure that the memory was crystal clear by capturing a monument, landmark, or person. I let family and friends know that taking

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