The Story Behind My Love For Photography

When I took my first picture at age 15, I was inspired. Taking pictures at that time was not about capturing the perfect shot; it was about creating memories. I would make sure that the memory was crystal clear by capturing a monument, landmark, or person. I let family and friends know that taking pictures is what I enjoy doing (which brought in unwanted requests). Everywhere I went, I would have my camera (disposable cameras at that time), ready when I wanted to take a picture. I always felt that pictures created happiness and enjoyed sharing that with everyone.

After my disposable camera was ready to develop, I would take it and see how my pictures turned out. At that time, the prints were not always the best, so they came out sort of funky! But the pictures that did come out right, were cherished. Pictures were something that kept me going and made me wonder about the possibilities of shooting, editing, and printing. Back then, I did not know about computers or different types of cameras, I thought disposable cameras were top notch and would take me to the next level. As I grew up, I took my primitive skills to the computer and learned everything that I could about them. Only then did I realize how little I knew about the world of photography. I wondered; how can computers improve my pictures?

As I mentioned before, I only knew about disposable cameras, but when I did more research and asked people what cameras they have, my curiosity grew. I went from one store to another looking for the right camera. I finally found one, an analog camera to be exact, that uses only film. I was in love with my camera, I took it everywhere, took as many pictures as I could and developed the film as soon as possible. This was the first camera that I bought. I took pictures from people to pets, random objects, signs, etc. My camera never left my sight. I was so happy with my results that I continued to take pictures and started making my own collages.

Buying the right cam was difficult. It took me years. When I turned 20, I bought my first Canon DSLR camera. Professional cameras had tons of features. I did as much research as I could and compared Canons to Nikons since they were among the most popular brands. Even though they both had similar features, for me Canons were more user-friendly and they are easier to use and learn. They did not have the extra buttons or features. Nonetheless, Canon was my go-to camera. I learned as much as I could about Canon and how to capture the right pictures. So, I applied what I learned and took pictures at family functions.

I know at that time there was more about cameras I was missing. I was not sure what it was, but I was sure I wasn’t done. As time went on, I decided to share my knowledge, thoughts, and skills with everyone through social media. That’s when I started my blog.

Photography is a visual medium I use to express my perspective of the world. Some express their perspective through painting, dancing, writing, and other mediums. I express my creativity through Photography. You will never find me without my camera or phone because the second I am inspired by something I see, is the second I am taking several pictures of it.

When I say the word inspired, I pause to think for a moment, what is it am I inspired about? What value does the object have to make me want to photograph it? My first picture was of people. I believe it was a family picture. I didn’t mind taking the picture because I was inspired by the people. For example, if I am around people laughing and having a good time, I’m inspired to capture their happiness. If I am around a field of sunflowers, I am inspired to capture their radiant beauty. The point: inspiration can happen any moment, anywhere, and for any reason.

These days I am largely into photographing landscapes. Browse around my website and you will see that it contains lots of landscape/nature photos. Feel free to leave your thoughts on my social networks.