Why I believe Photos are Gems
What is water to fish? What is an object to a lens? Objects are Gems of the lens. Period. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt that everything I can see with my eyes is some sort of treasure. And just as fisherman capture their fish with nets, photographers capture their photos with lenses. Taking photos was always a passion of mine as a young child. Every time I would have a camera in my hands, I snapped away and took any photo and as many photos as I could. My photos consisted of many things. Whether it would be a garden, sky, food, flowers, bugs, etc. So, taking photos became a big part of me. It is something that I’ve always wanted to pursue.
For my brand, I needed a name that captured my passion for photography. I needed something that represented my photography skills. As I mentioned before, I would take photos of everything around me. It didn’t have to be perfect. I just needed a photo of that object or person. When it was time to come up with my brand name, while I was browsing through my collection, it dawned upon me that I’ve kept every photo for the last seven years. I thought to myself, “my photos ARE my Gems.” I believe my photos are treasures because I am passionate about photography. If you were to glance at them, you will appreciate my unique approach towards photography. When I look through my surrounding lens, the object in focus resembles a unique Gem. Hence, the name GemsInLens.

How I take photos of anything around me and make them my own and illustrate my perspective through editing with Photoshop
When I take photos, I first look what is around me. It could be a water bottle, flowers, anything that is right in front of me. I grab my camera, look through the lens, and shoot. Whatever the object I am shooting is what I envision and create the photo in my mind before editing into photoshop. I look through the lens to ponder of how I will illustrate the object. I want to make it unique. I can take 20 photos a day of the same object, but each photo will come out differently because I have a different vision of illustrating that same object. When you see my photos, you see my perspective of the world. I want my photos to come across as unique and fresh. My vision is all I have to create something different and new from other photographers. To make my vision stand out, I illustrate my perspective with editing using photoshop.
Photoshop is a great tool for anyone who wishes to enhance their photos. I love Photoshop because it can supercharge a photographer’s creative power. Photoshop helps with making your image come alive and reveal its true beauty. For every photo I shoot, I make it my own by using photoshop. I try not to use it too much to edit a photo because I want the object to retain its originality. I know that photoshop has a reputation for making photos look fake, however, professional photographers use it to purify rather than contaminate their photos. No one wants to add unnecessary filters to their photos. It would ruin it. When I am ready to edit, photoshop is there to crystalize my vision.

Being in service to the world. Helping others see photography from my unfiltered perspective.
When I decided to start my photography blog, the first question I asked myself was, “how can I help others with Photography?” I pondered that question for months before acting on my blog. I needed to make sure that my knowledge of photography was communicated clearly to my viewers. I wanted to come into the photography community knowing that I have novel information to pass along. Photography takes practice and patience. I aim to help others capture their gems through their lens. The only way to do that is to become good at capturing gems through my own lens.
I hope you enjoyed this post and remember that taking a photo doesn’t have to require traveling, your photo could be right in front of you. Please remember to like us and comment and share your gems on social media.